Members of DESIYA MAKKAL SAKTHI KATCHI are the back bone   of DMSK. They Should be 18 years of age. Citizen of India.   People who want to see the Progress of our Country, to develop    systems for the welfare of the country and people are   WELCOME to join in the Party.     The Change you talk and want to see first step is to become a   member in DMSK.    If you can’t who can. If not today when.    We need not wait for a meesiaha to appear for a change.   Come let us join hands for the our country, State, For Us and for   our future generation.  

We catagorise Members in three groups, Supporter / Executive Member / Life Member.

Fees : Supporter Rs. 10/-    Executive Member Rs. 100/- (All Per Annum) Life Member Rs. 5000/- 


                          MEMBERSHIP FORM   

Name :    

Address : 

Assembly Constituency :     

City : 

District :  

Pincode : 

State :   

Voter Id No.   

Membership Type : Basic Rs. 10/- Normal : 100/- Life Member : Rs. 5000/-    


I hereby declare that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I undertake to abide by the constitution, rules and discipline of the party. I am not a member of any other political party.    

Date :   

Note : Submit the Form through Post / E Mail / Whattsapp  : Mail :  / Whattsapp : 9840850879