Shri. M.L.RAVI M.L.,     

Born on 1964 in Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu. His basic education is at Don Bosco, his graduation from Loyola, Law graduation from Kakatiya University and Mastered in Law from Acharya Nagarjuna University. He ventured as Business Man, he saw the corruption and bribery in rise. He understood the corruption is the root cause for social death. He found corruption is cancer.  discontinued his business and placed himself in Law profession.  His mind and soul is of social instinct. He joined Lionism and kept his  service to the society. Since just service doesn’t makes any change in to the quality of people. He felt unless the law and political system adopted at present has to be  renewed, framed and implemented to the needs of the people, the social injustice prevails. So decided to enter Politics joined in   LOKSATTA Party. Since Loksatta had shut electrol politics, joined hands with other leaders and formed DESIYA MAKKAL SAKTHI KATCHI.     

General Secretary


  Shri. R. Serma Selvaraj M.A. (L.L.B)  

Born in a remote village Kamatchipuram, Theni District, a District   of Nature. Basic Education started at Government School of   vernacular language and Post Graduated in Yoga, then joined for   Law Graduation.    His career was started and was a Permanent Citizen of Singapore. He amazed to see the development of Singapore, a small country, where a country do not have any resources. He looked at India, his birth country where abundant resource is available, finds that this is due to the Political will and ability in the country. Eventhough India   attained Independence from English, due to politicians deterioration where self interest prevails than country, he gave up his citizenship and returns back to India,  then joined World   Community Service Center, founded by Vethathri Maharishi, as a full timer, to do social justice to human kind. Then finds himself to join with   LOKSATTA, for a New Generation New Politics. Since due to Electrol   In dissent of Loksatta, he along with like minded joined and became a founder member of DESIYA MAKKAL SAKTHI KATCHI.  

Women's Wing Secretary


  Shrimathi A.P.Geetha. M.A., 

She was born and brought from Vadalur, the Great Munificient Arutperumjothi Vallalar, near Neyveli. She did her Post graduation in M.A. She dedicated herself to the social cause and does Social activity in particular to the uplift of Women community.  She worked as an Employee in Makkal Sakthi. She joined DESIYA MAKKAL SAKTHI KATCHI and render herself for the development of the party. She is also General Secretary for Tamil Vivasaya Sangam, Farmers Rights.