Blue  :    Blue is the color of the Sky, our Limit, and the Sea and   Symbolizes Trust, Loyalty, Wisdom and Self-Confidence.      

White :   Symbolizes Peace and Innocence, the Color of Purity. It   Symbolizes  Light and Perfection. Simplicity, Cleanliness, New   Beginnings, Equality, Unity, Openness, Awakening.     

Green :    Green is a Color, pervasive in the Natural Environment that   Says Renewing, Refreshing, and Regenerating. It represents   Balance, Growth, Learning, and Harmony. Green is Second   only to Blue as a favorite Color.   

Multi Colored  Human Chain : Symbolizes Unity in Diversity, No division on Religion,   Caste, Creed, Race, Language, Region, etc.,  


Blue Star :  Five Pointed Stars Symbolizes Power, Love, Knowledge,    Wisdom and Truth Politically Liberty, Self Governance, Citizen   Enforcement, Rule of Law, and Self Correcting Institutions.  


Desiya Makkal Sakthi Katchi – DMSK wants to Establish Citizen Centered, Genuinely Democratic and Republic Governance, Rule of Law, Basic Freedom, Basic Infrastructure and Economic Opportunities, Universal access to Primary Health and School Education, Speedy and Efficient Justice, Elected are directly responsible to the Electors.     We want Good, Ethical, Intellectuals to Involve, Join and take the Lead in Politics for the Betterment of the Country and People